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The Lithium battery cuts nearly 2/3 of the weight of this power supply, packs an additional 3 amp hours of power, can hold it's charge for up to a year without assistance, and has superior operational abilities in freezing or sub-freezing temperatures. Lightweight DC Power. 12 volt, 10 amp hour rechargeable battery, 3-port DC outlets, padded carrying bag with an automatic Lithium 1 amp lithium charger or optional 4 amp lithium fast charger.

PowerPort 73 - LITHIUM 10 amp DC Power Supply

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Ports:  3 cigar outlets 

    Dimensions:  7.2" x 4" x 3"
    Type of Battery: Lithium
    Capacity: 10 amp hours
    Weight:  2.5 lbs.

  • Note:  only use the supplied lithium charger to maintain the health of your lithium battery. These advanced chargers are designed to turn OFF at 14.6V to avoid overcharging your battery. Using lead acid trickle chargers allow charging to higher voltage and will damage the Lithium cell over extended time.

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