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The PowerPort line was originally the product of a restless inventor's needs.  My fascination with both wilderness travel and electronics made the lack of adequate portable equipment painfully obvious to me. Throw into the equation living through a number of serious natural disasters, and you can see where my bent toward emergency preparedness has its source.


I formed this company to design one of the best lines of hand portable power supplies and communications accessories on the market. These products are rigorously tested in the field to give you equipment that is easy to use, comfortable to carry, and sturdy enough to hold up to serious wear and tear.


Today, our products are used throughout the world for purposes ranging from power stations for Search and Rescue in the Sierras, to warehouse inventory carts in New Jersey; from radio packs for Amateur Radio DX operators, to power supplies for scientists in Antarctica powering incubators for penguin egg transport. We are committed to excellence in the quality, design, and usability of our products. I invite you to join our community of satisfied customers!

Giving Back
The Personal Touch

We are the designers and manufacturers of PowerPort line of products: portable power supplies, pouches, bags and communications accessories. We invite you to browse our product catalog or explore the latest news on our constantly expanding line of products. If you're an old customer, we're glad to see you back! If you are new to our site, we hope you enjoy your visit and please let us know how we can better serve your needs as you explore our constantly expanding line of products.

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