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England’s finest mobile antennas just got a little closer to home! We are now carrying the cream of Waters & Stanton mobile radio antennas is a perfecy match for the Yaesu FT-817. These are ultra light, ultra-compact antennas which have excellent performance for such a small package. The entire line is great, but I must admit that my favorite is the ATX- All Band Walkabout antenna. Using technology similar to the Outbacker, the ATX multiband antenna is a design of tapped coils with a wandering lead, but on a miniature scale. The entire coil and tap section is only 12” long, but this incredible antenna works in all bands between 6 and 80 meters! Just tap into the band that you want and you’re ready to go! With a removable telescoping whip section, the entire package can fit into the palm of your hand. It’s a backpackers dream! 

ATX Waters& Stanton All Band Miniature Antenna

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