The WorldPack-706  is specifically designed for ICOM users.

This pack comes with a new remote-head belt case for the ICOM IC-706 or IC-703 to give you full access to your radio controls for QRP operations while mobile. Meanwhile, you are carrying the radio in padded comfort on your back, with enough room to carry accessories and auxiliary power to maximize your air time. The remote-head belt-case is zippered for easy access and padded for superior protection of your radio head. You can carry the case on your belt, or attach it to the shoulder strap (or wherever you like!) with a choice of a spring steel clip or a belt loop.


If you need a power supply to keep your communications rolling all day long, we offer 3 optional WorldPack Power Supply Kits:

  • 10 AH Lithium Battery with DC connections and outlet, and a 3 amp automatic fast charger
  • 7 AH AGM battery with DC connections and outlets, in either an automatic 1 amp or 4 amp charger models. 

WorldPack 706 - with Radio Head Case

SKU: HMP-706


    Dimensions: 17" H x 8" W x 3" D.

    - Inside dimensions of upper radio compartment: 11½" H x 7½" W x 2.5" D.

     -Inside dimensions of the lower power supply compartment:

       4½" H x 7½"W x 2½"D

    *These are "soft" dimensions. The WorldPack is not a hard box, but is constructed of soft padded fabric. Therefore, if your radio is slightly larger in one dimension or another, the pack can still fit quite well.


    The pack is constructed of a laminate of heavy-duty nylon, ¼" closed-cell foam padding, semi-rigid polyethylene board, and a smooth nylon interior. The upper compartment holds the radio, with a cord sling that can adjust the height of the radio within the pack.


     The lower compartment of the pack  can hold a 12V, 7 amp hour AGM WorldPack Power Kit or the lighter weight 10 AH Lithium power supply, offered as an option by PowerPort. This power kit gives you more than 3 times the power (and at a full 12V) than the  auxiliary battery pack offered by ICOM for the IC-703.


    The backpack's compartments have double protection against the weather and dirt: rain-flapped zippers and an interior waterproof nylon rain fly with drawstring closure. The lid has a pocket for your microphone, and you also receive a complimentary PowerPort WindSock - a fleece cover for your microphone to attenuate wind noise in your mic.


    In addition to all of these great features, there are two antenna pockets on the sides with a full length nylon support sleeve on one side and adjustable Velcro straps on the other to hold and support mobile antennas such as the ATX Walkabout (offered on our site) ensuring that your antenna is up and at the ready, and there is the minimum stress on the antenna/radio connection while mobile.


    The lid has a pocket for microphone storage and numerous tie-down points allow you to carry plenty of extra gear.  The shoulder straps are comfortable, well ventilated mesh, with webbing cross straps to hold HT's, GPS units, or other handheld devices.