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This 12V DC power supply with a 7 Amp Hour AGM battery, is absolutely water and dust free. Built into a waterproof case, nestled in foam padding, your power source and any additional equipment you choose to store in this secure box, will be out of danger from water, dust or impact.


The WaterSafe comes with a standard overnight charger, with optional charger upgrade to an automatic 1 amp,  2-stage charger.


WaterSafe - 7 Amp Hour Waterproof 12V Power Supply

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  • When sitting on the shelf, batteries lose approximately 3% of their power per month. If you need to have your WaterSafe topped off and ready to go at a moments notice, you may want to upgrade to our Watersafe with an automatic 2-stage charger that will keep your power supply at maximum charge without danger of overcharging.

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