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With the simple addition of your deep cycle or automotive battery, the PowerSafe provides everything you need for a 12V, 75 to 200 amp, uninterrupted power supply. A great power source for home emergencies, DC power for workplace or in the field,  this clean, portable unit will keep your equipment fully powered with ample capacity. We offer two DC models designed for medium or heavy use. If you have needs for heavier draw, such as starting a car, you can connect directly to the battery as well. All models come with a heavy duty, vented battery enclosure suitable for use in the home or office, triple port automotive cigarette outlets for DC use, and  AC chargers. It's compact dimensions: 18" x 10.5" x 9.5" make it easy to store or transport.

PowerSafe 30 - DC only Power Kit with PowerPole options

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  • The PowerSafe 30 comes standard with a 1 amp charger. 

    You may upgrade to a 4 amp fast charger for higher draw uses. 


    If you are using this power source for radio communications that use PowerPole connectors, you also have options to add either a 30 amp or 75 amp terminations in addition to the 3 DC outlets. 

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