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The choice for the highest portable power uses. 


This portable power supply kit gives you a direct and portable source of AC and DC power for longer term or higher power requirements. With the simple addition your spare 12V automotive or deep cycle marine

battery, you can have a complete AC and DC power station that supplies 1000 Watts (2000 W surge) and up to 200 amps of DC Power. This compact and powerful 12 Volt rechargeable system offers reliable AC/ DC power without the noise and fire danger of portable gas generators. Vented, high impact plastic enclosure is secure, safe and portable. Great for trade shows, home emergencies, field work, or camping to name just a few uses.


Why spend more to ensure that you have easy access to AC and DC power where wall power is not practical, or backup power is needed at mobile events, or during heavy weather power outages. With a PowerPort PowerSafe you can keep the lights on!

PowerSafe 2002 - 1000W Power Kit with Charger

SKU: PS-2002
Excluding Sales Tax |
    • 1000 Watts (2000 Watt surge) AC power
    • 2 AC outlets, a three-port DC cigarette outlet
    • Up to 200 amps DC power (depending on the battery you choose to insert)
    • USB charging ports
    • sturdy, vented battery enclosure is suitable for safe indoor use
    • AC recharging though 3 amp automatic wall charger  keeps your power supply ready without risk of overcharging your battery.
    • Can also be recharged through your auto, boat, RV, or other DC source.
    • Compact exterior dimensions of 18" x 10.5" x 9.5" fits anywhere
    • Interior dimensions: 12-15/16" x 7-1/16" x 8-3/8"
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