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12 volt, 12 amp hour rechargeable Lithium battery at a quarter of the weight of a standard AGM battery! 

3-port DC outlets, padded bag with detachable accessory pockets, and an automatic 1 amp overnight charger,  or upgrade to a quick-recharge automatic 3 amp fast charger. Both chargers can be left connected to keep your battery topped of and in prime condition. 

PowerPort 312 -12 Ah Lithium DC Power

Charger Options
  • Power:    12V @ 12 AH DC power
    Size:    9" x 5" x 7"
    Weight:  approx. 3.5 lbs.
    Bag material:    Heavy duty Nylon laminated with closed cell foam padding. 


  • These chargers provide constant current, constant voltage (CCCV)  "Smart" charge designed specifically for 12V Lithium batteries. (Standard lead-acid automatic chargers do not work with Lithium Batteries). "Smart" chargers stop charging once 14.6V is reached. Can be left on the battery and will restart with low voltage signal from the battery. 

    Max charge Voltage:  14.6V
    Max Charge Current:  two versions available: 1 amp or 3 amp