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When easy mobility is a priority, this hand-carry 7 AH powerhouse will give you up to 400W of AC power, and 15 amps of DC power for lighting, laptops, and AC/DC appliance needs. Two AC outlets and one USB port. Includes heavy-duty padded nylon bag with accesory pockets and carrying strap. Standard 800mA overnight charger included, or upgrade to an automatic 2-stage charger that can be left plugged in to bring your power supply to a full charge, then reduce the input to a maintenance charge to keep it topped off.

PowerPort 259 - AC/DC 7AH Power Supply

SKU: PP-259
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Dimensions:  5¾" x 4½ x 4¼"
    Type of Battery: AGM sealed VRLA
    Capacity:  7AH @ 12 V 
    Watts:   400W (500W surge).

    Ports:  2 AC Outlets, 1 USB, 1 DC cigar outlet
    Weight:   9 lbs.

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