The lithium ion battery cuts the weight of this power supply nearly in half compared to it's AGM battery equivalent. It can hold it's charge for up to a year without assistance, and has superior operational abilities in freezing or sub-freezing temperatures.  This lightweight 10 AH powerhouse will give you up to 400W of AC power, and 15 amps of DC power for lighting, laptops, and AC/DC appliance needs. Two AC outlets and one USB charging port. Automatic 1A lithium charger included or upgrade to the optional automatic lithium ion 3 amp fast charger 

PowerPort 259L - 10 AH LithiumAC/DC Power Supply

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  • Dimensions:  5¾" x 4½ x 4¼"
    Type of Battery: AGM sealed VRLA
    Capacity:  7AH @ 12 V 
    Watts:   400W (500W surge).

    Ports:  2 AC Outlets, 1 USB, 1 DC cigar outlet
    Weight:   9 lbs.

  • Upgrade your Lithium PP259 to include an automatic  Lithium 3 amp fast charger
    All the great features of the PP259, plus a 3 amp fast "Smart" charge designed specifically for 12V Lithium batteries. (Standard lead-acid automatic chargers do not work with Lithium Batteries). "Smart" chargers stop charging once 14.6V is reached. Can be left connected to the battery and will restart with low voltage signal from the battery.