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We have a full line of packs, harnesses, hard-shell cases, and handheld cases
for your mobile radios such as the ICOM IC-7000, IC-706, and IC-703,
FT-100, FT817, FT-897

or any other modern mobile radio.

Click on any of the items to go to review full specifications for that product.

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DXpedition Pack™

Fully portable mobile radio station. Rugged, full sized daypack with padded RadioBox inside to hold your mobile radio, and accessories such as tuners and power supplies with many exterior pockets for antennas, and miscellaneous gear.





WorldPack-II-reverse-for-we.jpg (8269 bytes)

WorldPack II can hold any mobile radio built in the last 10 years, and specifically designed with the newer HF mini mobiles in mind such as the FT-100 or the IC-7000. Also works beautifully carrying the FT-817 along with the Z-11 antenna tuner.






Custom designed WorldPack for ICOM users. Comfortable padded backpack comes complete with remote head case made specifically for the IC-706 and the IC-703. Remote head case is padded and has both belt clip and a belt loop for greater flexibility.



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Remote HeadCase
for ICOM-706

Custom designed for the ICOM-706, this is the perfect accessory for remote head protection and access. Padded, zippered head case clips onto your belt or shoulder strap of your WorldPack for easy remote control of your radio.



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Remote HeadCase

Zippered nylon case to protect your remote radio head for your IC-7000, FT-100, ICOM-706 or any other modern mobile radio with removable control face. In Blue or Black




Worldpouch-best-flat-for-we.jpg (21548 bytes)


Custom made for the FT-817. This is a two-part modular radio pack that lets you decide how you want to carry your FT-817: either solo on your belt in a padded radio pouch , or slide it onto the custom Worldpouch fanny pack to maximize room for accessories.

Complete Worldpouch


Old Price





Radio pouch alone





DX-Box-shut.jpg (13645 bytes)


Fits nearly all modern mobile radios, such as the ICOM IC-706MK2G, or IC-7000 the Yaesu FT-100, or SGC's  SG-2020, or Elekraft's
. This padded case keeps all your equipment clean and neat, protecting your radio in professional style. Available in two sizes


17¼ x 7¾ x 3¼"





wider box for FT-897
17¼ x 8½ x 3¼"

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Radio-wallet-2-photos-joine.jpg (15504 bytes)

RadioWallet comes in two sizes to accommodate a wide variety of handheld radios. It is well constructed of padded, heavy-duty nylon with a center pocketed divider with all of the edges fully finished for strength and durability.






RadioHarness front.jpg (36410 bytes)

Radio GearHarness is a comfortable, bandolier-style radio chest harness that gives you easy access to your handheld radio and other equipment, leaving your hands free for important tasks. Many pockets for radios and accessories. HM-33


Radio ChestHarness is a comfortable, full chest harness. Pockets for radios, accessories, and maps. Keep your hands free for work, and your radios and equipment ready for action

The ChestHarness is also offered with the Compact Lithium PowerFlex  6 amp Lithium Iron Phosphate power supply with DC and PowerPole connections, and a 1-amp lithium charger for extended power options


ChestHarness only




ChestHarness and 6AH Lithium PowerFlex



Packs and Cases for Elecraft Products

We support the fine products that you have made in partnership with Elecraft. Great fit for the K1, KX-1, K2 and K2/100. We want to help you protect your hard work and investment with a sturdy case that will bring your radio and accessories out into the field where they can do the work they were built for!




RadioSafe-open-for-web.jpg (21597 bytes)

The RadioSafe™ is a hardshell, lightweight, watertight case manufactured by Pelican. Ideal for storing and transporting your mobile radio equipment and accessories when you need maximum security and protection. Use it for transporting your IC-7000 or any other modern mobile communications. 200-5643



TransPorter is custom designed to carry and operate your Yaesu FTM-10, FT-90R or FT-1500 mini-mobile transceiver as a stand alone unit in the field. Heavy duty padded nylon case with accessory pockets, comes complete with 8AH power supply and your choice of charger.





w/ fast charger



w/ automatic



































































To serve you best, if you have a question, or need technical information, our tech desk is available Mon - Fri, 9AM - 4PM Pacific Standard Time,
at 1-805-528-4190. Orders can be placed on line, or call our order desk anytime 24/ 7 at 1-831-427-8197. Thank you!

Last modified: November 22, 2014

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